Safe Environments

Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish follows the Archdiocese of Detroit guidelines and is committed to providing safe environments and fostering continuous improvement in every organization that sponsors activities and/or provides services to children and youth.


Adult volunteers (age 18 and older) who have contact with the youth, elderly or disabled are expected to complete each of the following requirements. All Safe Environments requirements must be met before an adult begins their volunteer or employment position at OLGC.

Please return the Background Check Authorization along with a copy of your driver’s license to: OLGC Parish Office, Attn: Janet Rost, 1062 Church St, Plymouth, MI 48170

Pastoral (Clergy and Employees) Code of ConductRead Volunteer Code of ConductRead Safe Environments PolicyComplete Background Check AuthorizationRegister for Protecting God's Children WorkshopProtecting God's Children Registration Instructions


Teen-aged volunteers (under age 18) and youth (under age 18) who are paid employees or receive a stipend for work in parishes, schools, and affiliated agencies must completed the following Safe Environment requirements. Volunteers under age 18 should be paired with an adult or another teen and regularly supervised by an adult.

Please return the Background Check Certification and a copy of the Called to Serve certificate to: OLGC Parish Office, Attn: Janet Rost, 1062 Church St, Plymouth, MI 48170.

Read Teen Volunteer PolicyRead Teen Code of ConductRegistration Instructions for Minors

To report abuse by clergy or church personnel, contact the Archdiocesan Victim Assistance Coordinator at (866) 343-8055. To report abuse by others at any time, contact government agencies through the department of Human Services (800) 942-4357.