First Reconciliation & First Communion

Do this in memory of me.

Luke 22:19

Lyndsey Osterholt

First Communion Coordinator

ext. 226

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We celebrate First Reconciliation and First Communion in the 2nd grade. All children preparing for these sacraments use the Faith of Life book for general formation. Additionally, all students attend a retreat experience with a parent/guardian before First Reconciliation and First Communion. During the retreats, children and parents/guardians will work together to creatively and reverently understand more profoundly these beautiful sacraments, while at the same time preparing for what to expect when they celebrate and receive the sacraments.

We work together with parents/guardians in preparing children through this process with a sacramental parent meeting at the beginning of the year and consistent and timely communication as the child is being formed. During this meeting, the retreat, and throughout the year, parents/guardians are provided access to materials and resources to educate and support at home what is taught at the retreats and in the classroom. Also, families are welcomed and encouraged to speak and/or meet with us personally, as needed. Please note: Completion of a 1st grade religious formation program is a prerequisite to attending grade 2 religious formation and sacramental preparation.