In our quest for the renewal of sacred music, let's always remember that there is a point to our music in the Liturgy: to bring ourselves and others closer to God. We can become adept in singing Gregorian chant, classic polyphony, and/or other worthy forms of liturgical music. We can (and should) work hard to make this music beautiful. But if we “have not love”, as St. Paul says, we will be merely “a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal” and “gain nothing.”"


Music Ministries

Adult Choir

The Adult Choir leads the worship at the 10 a.m. Sunday Mass and other occasions from Labor Day through Corpus Christi.. Membership is open to those high school age and older. There is a weekly rehearsal on Thursday nights, from 7-9 p.m.

Arimathean Choir

Ad hoc chorus meets as needed – you simply come when available – to sing & pray at parishioners’ funerals.


Quartets of cantors lead the music for worship at the weekend Masses on Sunday and on other occasions throughout the year. Our expectation is that these men and women are not only excellent singers but, more importantly, intentional disciples of Jesus. The ability to read music and a good ear are required.

Children's Choir

Open to ages 8-18 (third grade to high school senior).


Handbell Choir

If you like rhythm and are willing to commit, your spiritual life will grow. I hope the Holy Spirit stirs your heart and you consider joining this wonderful and amazing handbell ministry. Why don’t you become a member. We would love to have you. Please contact Jamie DeMarco at [email protected] for more information.


This ministry is open to all youth of the parish Grades 4–8. There is a short weekly rehearsal and performances are scheduled throughout the school year. Reading music is not essential for beginning choirs.


This ministry assists at Mass approximately once a month and also special occasions (Christmas Eve and Easter). Some basic music reading experience is helpful.

Schola Cantorum

The Chant choir provides music for various special events throughout the year, particularly at the monthly celebration of the Vetus Ordo.

Join a Music Ministry

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