You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes.

Acts 1:8

Jamie DeMarco

Confirmation Coordinator

ext. 228

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OLGC celebrates Holy Confirmation in the 6th grade. Candidates are formed in the context of our EDGE middle school youth program. EDGE is a relational ministry that is formative, impactful, and relevant for middle school youth. There will be lessons specific to Confirmation, as well as faith topics that will support middle schoolers in living the life God intended them to live, while also encouraging them to go on mission to serve others in the community.

Parents and sponsors will each attend a retreat with their candidate which are interactive events geared toward bringing a deeper understanding of Confirmation and continuing the conversation and faith-building at home. We explore why Confirmation is important, relevant, and how it seals one’s soul for serving Christ as His disciple.

The journey begins in the 5th grade, as families and the Religious Formation team work together in preparing children for reception of this sacrament which perfects baptismal graces.

Have a student in 7th & 8th gr. needing to be Confirmed? We have a way to catch them up and put them on the path toward Confirmation.