Education in Virtue

All of us can attain to Christian virtue and holiness, no matter in what condition of life we live and no matter what our life work may be -- St Francis de Sales

Education in Virtue is a way of life, learning the good and bad habits which become our patterns of behavior. In the way we respond to our behavior, we reinforce the good habits and address the bad ones, forming our conscience in the process. This is how we grow in virtue.

Education in Virtue FAQ's

How are teachers using it in the classroom?

Teachers are doing multiple things

  • teaching the virtues
  • reinforcing good habits
  • addressing bad habits
  • encouraging ways to grow

*the rubrics for grade levels help identity the good and bad habits for developmental ages.

How will you reinforce good habits?

The school will be using positive reinforcement through:

  • Virtue awards for discipleship
  • Positive notes home
  • Classroom Leadership Opportunities
  • Student Virtue Nominations
How are bad habits addressed?

There are levels of consequences to address bad habits.

Level One: Teaching and Re-Direction

Level Two: Reflection and Ways to Grow

Level Three: Correction and Consequences

What is the school doing to reinforce Good Habits?
  • Afternoon Prayer on Saints and Virtues
  • Virtue of the Month
  • Light Up with Grace: Virtue Videos
How can parents partner at home?
  • Review the rubric for your child's developmental age. Help them grow in virtues with behaviors you're seeing at home
  • Collaborate with teachers on behaviors and habits your child is showing in school. Teachers will use FACTs to send notes home to you.
  • Teach the virtues along with us using the month to month guide.

School to Home Connection

Partner with us in reinforcing virtues at home!