Christ is knocking very hard at many hearts, looking for young people like you to send into the vineyard where an abundant harvest is ready.

St. John Paul II
Any man who feels that the Lord might be inviting him to consider a vocation to either the priesthood or the permanent diaconate is welcome to contact one of our priests or deacons.
Any woman who feels that the Lord might be inviting her to consider a vocation to the religious life is welcome to contact one of our priests.

James Bird

James graduated Divine Child High School in 2016 where he was very active in the school community. He  played two varsity sports, participated in all the bands, and was top of his class. He looks forward to going wherever God takes him.

Drew Mabee

Drew is in the School of Theology at Sacred Heart. He is originally from Atlanta, GA but grew up in Southeast Michigan. Before seminary, Drew raced dirt bikes and was heavily involved in ministry at Eastern Michigan University.

Ryan Eggenberger

Ryan is a graduate of Grand Valley State University (‘08) and is from Plymouth. Prior to seminary he worked for the State Legislature in Lansing and worked on the Communications Team here at Our Lady of Good Counsel.

Tony Hangartner

“My wife Christine, and I were married at OLGC more than 25 years ago. We have two sons, Nicholas and Andrew, both are in college. My discernment of a vocation happened because of a depth of relationship with Jesus. Over many years, I slowly grew closer in my relationship to God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). This personal relationship is a life of prayer, reading the Bible, studying theology, and the grace of the sacraments. It was in this relationship that I became able to hear the “still small voice” (1 Kings 19:12) that speaks to me.calls me, I hear Him. Jesus leads me, I follow Him. Jesus is my King, I serve Him.”

To learn more about the Permanent Diaconate, go to the Archdiocese of Detroit website.

Aaron Poyer

Aaron and his wife Julie have four children aging from early high school to graduate school. Aaron’s career has been spent working in law enforcement at the university, municipal and federal level. He is working toward a Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit. After graduating from a high school seminary, Aaron spent two years in formation with a religious order before discerning that God was not calling him to that life at that time. At various times through their 25 year marriage, Aaron and Julie have felt they may be called to enter diaconate formation. They entered formation in 2015 and humbly ask for the continued prayers of the OLGC parish family as they discern whether they are called to serve the Church together with Aaron as an ordained permanent deacon.

Sr. Mary Lisa Renfer, RSM

Religious Sister of Mercy of Alma
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“By the grace of God, the desire in me to give my whole life to Christ began when I was very young. As I went into high school, the thought began that perhaps I would give my life to Christ as His bride, as a Sister, but it was still in the back of my mind. I went to college at Franciscan University of Steubenville and received wonderful support in my faith. In my junior year of college, through times of intense prayer, I knew that I desired to become a Sister. It was at the Easter Vigil that year that I knew most clearly His desire for me as I looked to the Cross in darkness, waiting for the light of His Resurrection. That next June, I visited the Religious Sisters of Mercy in Alma, MI. The best way I can describe it is that what I saw in them was something I knew was already in me; it was the charism placed in me at my Baptism. I had the great gift of being able to enter the community that September, with the bliss of knowing I belonged entirely to Christ. A year later, I received the habit and a new name, Sister Mary Lisa, after Saint Elizabeth of Hungary. A year ago, I professed my first vows. I can still say every day that there is no greater gift than knowing your life belongs entirely to Christ.”

To learn more about the Religious Life, go to the Archdiocese of Detroit website.

Sr. Rita Clare Yoches, TOR

Franciscan Sisters of the Penance of the Sorrowful Mother
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A priest told me to go about discernment just like you would in dating. Go visit a place, and if you like it then go on a “second date”. If you don’t ever go you will never know if you like it. I visited four communities. With the T.O.R.s everything just fit and it felt like home. I was able to say that I could see myself here for the rest of my life! And so the awesome journey begins… destination: eternal life!

Read the full version to Sr. Rita Clare’s story here

Karen Ervin

Consecrated Virgin

“I was born and raised in the Archdiocese of Detroit in a traditional Catholic family. My parents have been my greatest witnesses to the faith, teaching my three brothers, three sisters and I that God always comes first. They sacrificed to send us all to Catholic school, first to Our Lady of Good Counsel for grade school and then Divine Child for high school. Now, my siblings have all married giving me 23 nieces and nephews, surrounding me with the beauty of family life. I am truly blessed! Growing up, I always assumed I would marry. In my early 30’s, the calling to consecrated life grew in my heart as I fell more deeply in love with God and realized His love for me. At the time, I was working in public education, understanding more and more how much I needed a Savior (don’t we all!). I turned to Jesus and found great consolation in prayer, in the life of the Church, and more importantly in Him. Truly, I found myself and life’s meaning in Him. It is this relationship with Jesus which has fueled me to seek consecration as a virgin so I can dedicate my life testifying to His love. In the uniqueness of this vocation, I hope to always serve God wherever He sends me, whether in my current workplace, as the principal of St. Catherine of Siena Academy, at my parish, Our Lady of Good Counsel, or in any other capacity. I consider it an immeasurable privilege to be His bride and a priceless gift to witness His love!”

To learn more about the Consecrated Life, go to the Archdiocese of Detroit website.

Laurie Malashanko

Consecrated Virgin

“My heart is embedded in two dioceses, both of which I consider home. Born in Detroit (my parents first met at Holy Redeemer High School), we moved to the Upper Peninsula when I was a baby. I received all of the sacraments in the Diocese of Marquette. After attending the Franciscan University of Steubenville and the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome, and after a few years living in Ann Arbor, I’ve been settled in the Archdiocese of Detroit for six years now. I work as an acquisitions editor for a large secular publisher. I have a few apostolates. One is jail and prison ministry as a Catholic volunteer, which involves teaching the faith and also giving spiritual direction. Another is translating theology and philosophy works that are important for the life of the Church from Italian to English. Above all, my daily apostolate is intercessory prayer: I have an archive of people I pray for, whether I’ve met them in person or through books such as biographies or documentaries on television. To put it simply, my vocation is to keep close to Christ as His spouse, and to keep Him good company! I know that I owe my vocation to my great-grandfather, Michael Sprietzer. He died when I was twenty-two, and he spent his retirement decades going to four or five Masses a day. (He lived near Holy Redeemer and would go to at least two Masses daily there.) Whenever anyone asked why he went to Mass so often, he would say: “The Good Lord has given to me, now I’m giving back to the Good Lord.” He was cheerful, full of love, and I’m thankful for his beautiful life and example. Lastly, I would like to acknowledge Reverend Michael Suhy, pastor of St. Louise in Warren, who is my spiritual director, and also Reverend William Prospero, SJ. He was my spiritual director when I was first discerning my vocation; he entered eternal life in 2014.”

To learn more about the Consecrated Life, go to the Archdiocese of Detroit website.

I address this plea in a special way to those of you whom the Lord is calling to the priesthood and the consecrated life. Do not be afraid to say ‘yes’ to Jesus, to find your joy in doing his will, giving yourself completely to the pursuit of holiness, and using all your talents in the service of others!

Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus