Simple Lent

Lent is the season for renewing our encounter with Christ, living in his word, in the sacraments and in our neighbor.

- Pope Francis

The Lenten experience is one of encounter, a time to deepen our relationship with God. Throughout this season, all the things we do, especially our prayer, fasting, and almsgiving should draw us into the mystery of the life and death of Jesus so we know Him and the depth of His love for us more intimately. This encounter, then, becomes our witness to the world as we reveal our relationship with Him to others.

Make life more simple this Lent. Put the busyness of the world on pause and focus on how to better live in response to the love of Jesus.

Step One to a Simple Lent: Reflect

What are the area(s) of my life where I need to put some things on “pause” and make more room for God and others. Ask yourself…

  1. Is my life balanced between work, family and God? Do I have time for each of these?

  2. How and how often in my day/week do I pray?

  3. Am I spending quality time with my family?

  4. Do I make time to minister to the poor, the lonely or those less fortunate?

  5. In what ways am I blessed and how do I acknowledge the blessings in my life?

Step Two to a Simple Lent: Decide

Given the responses to the above, what are some simple and concrete changes I can make to focus on the relationships in my life.

Suggestions to grow in a relationship with God

Suggestions to Deepen Relationships with Family and Friends

  • Make time for family/friend with dinner together during the week

  • Attend a Friday Fish Fry with your parish family Fish Fry Details
  • Form a habit of prayer with family and friends. For FamiliesFor Adults
  • Pray one of the Church’s Liturgy of the Hours (or check out the iBreviary app): morning, mid-day, evening, or night prayer Liturgy of the Hours
  • Create a Thankfulness Wall at home to remember the blessings of your life How to make a Thankfulness Wall
  • Send “Thank You” and “Thinking of You” notes to those in your life who need them

Suggestions to Minister to Strangers

Step Three to a Simple Lent: Implement

  • Get in the habit of saying the Examen Prayer each night to reflect on your day. Examen Prayer
  • Have an accountability partner. Share your Lenten resolutions with someone who will be on the journey with you. Check in with them weekly.

God made us for community, to be in relationships with Him and each other.

This Lent, simplify your life and make time for the things which are eternal.

It could change your life.