We recognize our youth as the Church today,  calling them to conversion and intentional discipleship by offering a life-changing encounter with Jesus and formation.

EDGE: Grades 6-8.  Middle school is tough; youth today are facing problems that they are often unprepared for. EDGE gets that, and we’re here to help! EDGE is more than a jr. high program, it’s a life giving ministry. EDGE will ensure that your youth have access to the best resources our Catholic faith can offer. There is a hunger for truth, and as we know, there is a source for TRUE Joy that can only be found in the love of Jesus Christ. EDGE ministries provides faith, fellowship and fun as well as engaging ways to dive deeper into the Catholic faith. Join us as we grow into authentic disciples of Christ!

SURGE: High School.  SURGE Ministries empowers teens to live out the Gospel in a radical way. As Catholics, we are the rebels of society, choosing to live for God and serve our neighbor. SURGE is more than a moment, it’s a movement for youth looking for truth, seeking justice, and finding the grace of God. SURGE ministries will give youth opportunities to serve others, grow in authentic friendships, learn more about their faith, have fun and be empowered to boldly live a Christ centered life. Today living out your faith is radical, so the question is…are you? It’s more than a moment, It’s a movement. 


Youth Ministry is looking a little different these days through the lens of our Archbishop’s letter, Unleash the Gospel.  We are inspired and have soaked this in prayer- high school ministry will be known as SURGE. In the lives of the saints we see a clear movement; proof to follow Christ. We must do exactly that, Follow!  We must move! In the Gospels it is clear that Christ calls us into action. At OLGC we are on mission. Please pray with me for our youth, for our parish, for our homes and hearts to be changed. The Holy Spirit is moving! Are we? SURGE in the Spirit with us!


Dinner is on. Join us at SURGE in the Upper Room for our kickoff! October 1st from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm. Following dinner, there will be a series of seriously crazy color powder challenges ending with a massive game of capture the flag. Hang out with us and see what SURGE is all about! All youth grades 9-12th are welcome.


Middle school ministry kicks off on Wednesday, October 4th, from 6:45pm – 8:15pm in the Upper Room. Join EDGE as we battle with a life-size spin-off of the game Angry birds. Protect your castle from the other team, the castle that sustains the least amount of damage with the most “pigs” knocked off wins! Several rounds may be necessary…are you up to the challenge? All youth grades 6 – 8 are welcome.


6th - 12th Grade

Lauryn Coules is our Youth Minister.

6th - 8th Grade Confirmation