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St. Kizito

St. Kizito and Our Lady of Good Counsel enjoy a bridging relationship designed to enrich each of our parish communities. The leadership of the Catholic Church has called for parishes to look beyond their local borders and embrace the reality we are truly one universal church. OLGC and St. Kizito are answering that call and living Christ’s command that we do what we can to help those less fortunate.

Our Lady of Good Counsel ‘s St. Kizito’s Steering Committee works to develop our relationship in many ways. Through regular communication with St. Kizito’s, various fundraising projects, occasional visits, and other outreach opportunities between our parishes and schools we are growing closer together. The people of St. Kizito’s are determined to help the residents of the slums that surround them, and they invest time and energy in sharing with OLGC their mission and parish life.


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We join in a mutually beneficial relationship with our sister community, St. Kizito, to humbly share our gifts with each other so that our communities are united in a journey of love and faith in Jesus Christ. Even though St. Kizito is distant, we do so in the spirit of solidarity that we as a parish have committed to. Our desire to build this relationship is rooted in both concern and hope. Our concern drives us to help our brothers and sisters who struggle to live in one of the most difficult conditions in the world. We will support St. Kizito through prayer and action. We will also raise awareness throughout our parish and community about St. Kizito, Uganda and all of Africa. We also want to celebrate and nurture reasons for hope. Through learning about the lives of St. Kizito’s members, who are persevering and following Jesus despite unimaginable adversity, we hope to gain inspiration to live His word more faithfully in our own lives.

St. Kizito Steering Comittee Members: Jeff McCarthy, Jeremy Borys, Dr. Ann LaFond, Bill Tulloch (Chair), Kristin Lobron and Chuck Salter


Written by St. Kizito Church

Oh, God of our ancestors, we bless and thank you, for all your bounty,
and more especially your providence which is a source of our life, enriched with your gift of faith.

Faith enabled our brethren, the Uganda martyrs to offer their lives as a living sacrifice in the fires of Namugongo,
without sparing even the little Kizito our admired patron saint.

Father we thank you, for the gift of our brothers and sisters in God’s family found in Our Lady of Good Counsel, America,
who seem to be distant, yet the presence of their inspiring love and warmth are ever felt in the spirit.
Bless both our families in St. Kizito and in Our lady of Good Counsel,
always to pray and care for one another; endow us with spiritual and bodily benefits,
activated by one and the same spirit for the common good in the presence of our lady Queen of martyrs.

Through Christ the Lord, who lives and reigns forever and ever,

Oh Our Lady of Good Counsel-Pray for us!
Oh St. Kizito our Patron-Pray for us!
Oh all you saints in heaven-Pray for us!