Our mission is to provide a school environment in which Christ is encountered and discipleship is fostered through the teaching and practice of Catholic tradition, values, and doctrine, while challenging each student to academic excellence.


We believe that at the heart of what we do is all for Jesus Christ, and Our Lady of Good Counsel provides a place where students can encounter Him. We are a faith family that offers weekly Mass, monthly adoration and reconciliation, and regular involvement by priests.


Our academic curriculum emphasizes critical, real-world thinking to prepare students for 21st Century learning. We also provide smaller class size for lower grades with the current average teacher/student ratio at 1:17.


OLGC offers a number of technology resources to assist in the instruction of our students. We maintain a computer lab equipped with Apple iMacs, and our students have access to some 200 iPads distributed throughout the campus.


With over ten possible sports for students to participate in, OLGC provides an athletics program that believes the first priority is to help students encounter Jesus Christ.

Celebrating over 60 years of excellence in Catholic education!

Convinced of the Church’s teaching that Jesus Christ alone fully reveals what it means to be human, our philosophy at Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish School is to:

• Instruct and nurture our students in their faith journey by promoting a Christian atmosphere of love, respect, personal responsibility, and social concern.

• Be a school where the life of faith is the driving force behind every activity.

• Provide a sound Catholic and academic foundation that encourages faith-based intellectual inquiry for future achievement in all areas of life.

• Challenge each student to use their God-given talents to achieve personal excellence.

• Provide a place where each child is valued for their God-given uniqueness.

Our Lady of Good Counsel School is fully accredited by the Michigan Nonpublic Schools Accrediting Association. All OLGC teachers hold valid Teaching Certificates from the State of Michigan. Most teachers have advanced degrees.

Curriculum for Grades 1 – 8
  • Religion
  • Mathematics
  • Reading
  • English – Grammar & Writing
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Library Skills
  • Computer Education
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Art

The Mathematics section of the IOWA Assessments is heavily influenced by the standards set forth by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and so in some cases differ slightly from the Michigan standards. Even though some specific skill areas are taught in a different grade or point in the school year than the IA tests evaluate, our students still score well above average. Our school average in this area is in the top 29th percentile nationally.

English/Language Arts Core
In the English/Language Arts Core section of the IOWA Assessments students are tested on their ability to use the conventions of standard written English. The tests do not directly measure the student’s ability to write well but do measure their ability to apply generally accepted guidelines for spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and usage found in effective writing. Our school’s average score is in the top 24th percentile nationally.

Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish School accepts applications for grades Preschool-7 on a yearly basis with a deadline of February 10th.

Siblings of currently enrolled students are given first priority. Children of parish members receive first consideration for admission. Children of other Catholic parishes are considered next. Non-Catholic children may be admitted when there is space available, but only if their parents agree to their children’s participation in the integrated religious education program offered by the school.

Admissions Requirements:

  • For preschool, the child must be 4 years old by September 1st
  • For kindergarten, the child must be 5 years old by September 1st (State Law).
  • For first grade, the child must be 6 years old by September 1st and have completed an approved kindergarten program.
  • To qualify for in parish tuition, a family must be registered at OLGC. They must participate in weekly attendance at mass (barring the obvious), and participate in parish activities and fundraising. The measurement for weekly attendance will be the use of offertory envelopes.
  • Tenure in the parish, as determined by parent date of registration in the parish, shall determine admission priority.
  • To be eligible for the school year in September, the application must be received before the preceding February 10th.
  • Applicants accepted for admission will be notified by April, at which time a formal registration fee is required.  
  • A new list for each grade level will be made every year based on parent date of registration in the parish with all applications received by February 10th of that year.
  • For students in grades 4 through 8, parents must submit a copy of the student’s latest report card showing final grades, satisfactory or better conduct, good attendance, copies of any standardized test scores and/or special support service evaluation reports, and letters of recommendation from the last teacher and principal. Applications are considered incomplete until these records are received. Admission may be denied based on a deficiency in academic success, study skills, and/or behavior/conduct.

Our faith is the center of all that we do, and basis for who we are at OLGC School.  In order to fulfill our mission and vision we provide our children with a multitude of opportunities to have a life-changing encounter the person of Jesus Christ.

The students of Our Lady of Good Counsel participate in a multitude of spiritual activities throughout the week.  We are glad to offer our students:

  • Daily Morning Prayer celebrated individually, in each classroom, and as a whole school family.
  • Weekly Mass where our students gather by grade level to celebrate Holy Mass.
  • Eucharistic Adoration celebrated monthly, where our students gather by grade level to worship in front of the Blessed Sacrament.
  • Regular opportunities for the sacrament of Reconciliation.

Focus on Real Heroes – Saints

Each year, each homeroom selects a saint.  This saint becomes the focus of many activities throughout the year.  Students include this saint in daily and weekly prayers.  They learn about the life and struggles of these heroic individuals. Our sixth grade students host an All Saints Festival each year.  This event is made up of games and activities that help our younger students learn about various saints.  It also provides the unique opportunity for our older student to “model” their faith for the younger member of our school family.

Spirituality & Service – Living the Faith

Our students expand their spirituality through acts of service to the community.  Some of these include PB& J Ministry support, Pro Life outreach, and visitations with the elderly; Smile Train, and supporting missionary work in Africa and Central America.  In all of these cases, our students are directed to see the face of Jesus through service.

Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish School provides an academic support program that is designed to offer individual and/or small group instruction for students that are in need of additional reading instruction.

Support services consist of:

  • Remedial reading instruction.
  • Phonemic awareness instruction using a multi-sensory approach.
  • Assess, evaluate, and administer diagnostic tests for reading and math.
  • Assessing students learning styles, strengths, and unique needs.
  • Evaluate Kindergarten students for school readiness skills.
  • Testing all new students for reading skills and placement.
  • Coordinate special services with Plymouth Canton Community Schools.
  • Providing support for the classroom teacher for children with special needs.
  • Modifying/adapting curriculum for students with special needs.
  • Administer tests in a quiet environment for students who need test assistance.
  • On-going monitoring of students progress.
  • Assisting parents in helping their children become successful learners.

Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish School offers a myriad of school athletics which provide our students opportunities to extend learning beyond the classroom and to love our school mission. Please visit our CYO Sports site for more information.

CYO Sports

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Bowling
  • Cheerleading
  • Cross Country
  • Football
  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Track
  • Volleyball

Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish School offers a myriad of school clubs and programs which provide our students opportunities to extend learning beyond the classroom and to love our school mission. 


  • AAA Safeties
  • Altar Servers
  • Bells
  • Chess Club
  • Choir
  • CYC Youth Chorale
  • Instrumental Music
  • Junior Lego League
  • Lego League
  • Little Flower Girls Club
  • Science Fair
  • Scouts
  • Safety Patrol & Service Squad
  • Spanish
  • Quiz Bowl
  • Yearbook

Special Activities

  • Essay, Art, Speaking & Spelling Contests
  • Assembly Programs
  • Field Trips
  • Community Service
  • Fifth Grade Camp
  • Science Fair
What we have to say about OLGC School

“Why do I love teaching at OLGC? The wonderful students, the supportive parents, the outstanding staff, and the way that our Catholic faith filters through everything we do throughout the day. There is an incredible sense of community here that comes from the respect and concern we have for one another.”

Testimonial Phyllis Tiderington
Phyllis Tiderington

“Faith isn’t just a subject. It’s a person that you and I can come to know. We are firmly convinced that it’s only in the light of Jesus that the mystery of what it means to be human ever really becomes clear. As parents, we want our children to be excellent and to thrive, not to survive.”

Testimonial Fr. John Riccardo
Fr. John Riccardo

“When I say I am OLGC I am saying that I am God’s child. We are more than just a school community. We are one faith. We are one family, and we have that all in our one school. I am part of a school who loves and cares for each other. Everyone here always cares for you and is so kind-hearted.”

Testimonial .Brooke C
.Brooke C
OLGC Student

“We really are dedicated to living our vision and mission, to offer each member of our school family a personal encounter with Jesus. Challenging academics, a dynamic and robust extracurricular program, and technologically enhanced classrooms, all surround a culture of faith and family. This is why I am OLGC!”

Testimonial Melissa Lambrecht
Melissa Lambrecht