Catching up with EDGE

Our EDGE program, OLGC’s middle school ministry, had another successful launch last month. Our theme this year is “The Next Chapter,” embracing what God is about to do in our lives. This gathering of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students from a variety of schools in the area is a wonderful time of faith, fun, and fellowship geared just for this age group.

Each week begins with a fun and engaging icebreaker. This is followed by a teaching for the evening and that leads to our small group time. This year we have 9 small groups that discuss the teaching for the week, and they enjoy a snack along with their favorite slushies. The small group time is followed by the “Send” portion of the night where we wrap things up and send our students off with a prayer and a challenge.

Our EDGE program incorporates Confirmation preparation for all students who are in that program. Those students are placed in a small group that is comprised of other candidates so that when they are in small group, they can focus on the theme of the week within Confirmation prep.

EDGE could never happen without the amazing commitment of our 10-person Core Team. Each week, they spend time, build relationships, and share their stories with our students. This year, we have really seen some of the fruit of this as several of our middle schoolers have asked if they can come forward and share a testimony with everyone. It is always so powerful for our students to hear how God is at work in the lives of their peers. It encourages them to try and do the same.

We are also thankful for all the parents who diligently bring their students to EDGE each week. We know it is not always easy, but our prayer is that these students are all blessed in a special way each week. We are also thankful for the many people who have offered to share their stories with our students. There is nothing like a great story of how the Lord is at work in our lives to bring home a point for our students.

Praying God continues to bless the EDGE ministry throughout this year!