ANNOUNCING! Confirmation Formation to Begin in 5th Grade

For many people, the fact that we offer Confirmation to 6th grade students is surprising! Over a decade ago, the parish leadership along with the Pastor felt the Holy Spirit calling them to a change to Confirmation formation. In collaboration with the AOD, the staff’s experience with 8th grade Confirmation, as well as their committed discernment, led them to move the sacrament to an earlier age, finding its best fit in the 6th grade year.

Over the past year, we have again felt the Holy Spirit moving. While the sacrament of Confirmation will remain in the 6th grade (or older), our formation process will officially begin in 5th grade. A longer formation process offers many exciting opportunities, but we would like to focus on one: relationship-building. It is clear that relationship is an integral part of our faith, and, in this current time and culture, it is all the more essential for our youth.

In reference to relationship-building, our focus is to assist in growing three primary ones. The first priority is the Holy Spirit. Through Confirmation, the Holy Spirit guides us to do the will of the Father. One goal of our preparation process is to help candidates establish a base foundation in communicating with our Triune God. A strong relationship with the Holy Spirit allows them to take fuller advantage of the sacrament of Confirmation. By achieving a new level of comfort in prayer, as well as an awareness of how the Holy Spirit directs and moves in each of them, communication and prayer with God about His plan for their lives can become natural, easy, and expected.

The second primary relationship that we hope to support is the candidate and sponsor friendship. In these times, it is vital for children to have positive, life-giving relationships with faithful adults. These relationships help to ground children in the teachings of the Church, as well as help them to navigate the difficulties that they face at their age. As sponsors will serve as a life-long mentor and coach for the candidate, to have this adult walk with a candidate through the formation process is key.

The third relationship to benefit is the one between candidate and saint. As you know, by interceding for us and aiding us in doing God’s will, the Saints in Heaven provide great support for the Church on earth. Our candidates are at a crucial time in life and the opportunity to choose a saint with whom they will form a relationship is important. In His goodness, the Lord has a Saint planned for every candidate for Confirmation. A longer formation time allows for the candidate to grow in knowledge about the saints, pray about which saint God desires for them, and to begin to form a relationship with their saint.

With great anticipation for all that God has planned for us, we embark on this journey! We ask that you as our parish community join in supporting our current and future Confirmation candidates by covering them in prayer.

In Christ,

Fr. Anthony

Jamie De Marco

For anyone 6th grade or older who desires to be confirmed, we have a path for you! Please email or call Jamie De Marco at [email protected] or 734-453-0326, ext. 228 for more information.


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January 20: Confirmation Kick-Off Retreat

February through April: Sponsor & Saint discernment

April 16: Launch Event – Come experience Confirmation formation within our EDGE program

May through June: Sponsor & Saint decisions