About Holy Confirmation

We celebrate Holy Confirmation in the 5th grade. All children preparing for Confirmation will use the red Confirmation book created especially for 5th graders. In addition, students and parents and/or Confirmation sponsors attend events that will help students and parents/guardians alike gain understanding about what Confirmation is, why it is important, and how it will help them in life. Candidates and sponsors will spend a day together to talk about the faith, what it means to be a sponsor, and explore many facets of the Sacrament of Confirmation. 

We work together with parents/guardians in preparing children through this process with a sacramental parent meeting at the beginning of the year and consistent and timely communication as the child is being formed. During this meeting, and throughout the year, parents/guardians are provided access to materials and resources to educate and support at home what is taught at the retreat, day of reflection, and in the classroom.  Families are welcomed and encouraged to speak and/or meet with members of the religious formation team personally, as needed. 

A note about 5th grade Confirmation: Archbishop Vigneron, allowed by the Holy See, can decree for the diocese at what age students can receive Confirmation. He has given Our Lady of Good Counsel the privilege of piloting a 3-year journey for confirming 5th graders, which ends the following 2016/2017 formation year. At the completion of the pilot, OLGC will report our findings to the Archbishop and he, along with his counsel of bishops, will advise us accordingly.

Please note: Completion of a 4th grade religious formation program is a prerequisite to attending 5th grade religious formation and sacramental preparation.


  • Click the Resources tab for the 2017 Confirmation FAQ sheet.
  • Turn in your Candidate/Sponsor form as soon as possible. Remember to have the sponsor sign the form.  Look right for the link.
  • Guidelines for the Letter to the Pastor can be found under LINKS.
HAVE YOU TAKEN A LOOK AT THE RESOURCES TAB? You will find some very helpful documents that answer your sacrament-specific questions and provide you with ideas to support family learning and involvement at home.



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