Children (Pre-K - Grade 5)

Our Religious Education program provides resources to enable and empower parents as primary catechists to their children and seeks to help every child encounter Jesus.  We offer a weekly program during the school year to assist in forming children in grades K-5, with resources to educate, inform and teach parents to embrace their role as primary catechists.

Youth (Grades 6-12)

We recognize our youth as a crucial part of the Church today, and Jesus calls them to conversion and intentional discipleship by offering them a life-changing encounter with Himself. Our emphasis is on a relationship with Jesus within the sacramental Church.

OLGC Parish School (PreK-Grade 8)

Our mission is to provide a school environment in which Christ is encountered and discipleship is fostered through the teaching and practice of Catholic tradition, values and doctrine, while challenging each student to academic excellence. While we pray and work towards the goal of your children growing in wisdom and intelligence, our driving goal is to help them graduate with a personal knowledge of the God who made us all out of love and who has a plan for their lives.

Catholic Youth Organization (CYO)

CYO Sports is one component of Our Lady of Good Counsel parish’s comprehensive youth ministry program which enables the partnership of parents, coaches, priests, religious, teachers, and adult leaders to manage and support a sports program that allows youth to grow in their relationship with God and come to better understand themselves and the Catholic Faith. The purpose and function of this organization will be to encourage, model and teach sportsmanship in a learning Christian environment, while deepening our relationship with Christ.

Adult Formation

Pope Benedict XVI once said, “For those who love, you can never know enough.” We are convinced that once somebody has had a life-changing encounter with Jesus there is a desire to learn more about Him and what He offers to us and calls us to become. We make it a practice to offer regular opportunities for such learning and formation throughout the course of the year.



Administrative Assistant (Religious Ed.)