Evangelization & Discipleship

We have learned over the last few decades that trying to teach the faith to people who have never encountered Jesus is much like trying to plant seeds in concrete; nothing will grow. Based on this experience we make it a point to do all we can to first offer someone an encounter with Jesus so that the seeds planted later can grow.


Director of Evangelization & Discipleship


The Alpha Course

Alpha is an opportunity to explore the meaning of life and the Christian faith in a friendly, open and informal environment. It runs in churches, bars, coffee shops and homes all around the globe. Alpha has eleven sessions and includes food, a short talk and a discussion at the end where you can–but don’t have to–share your thoughts. Alpha is for everyone!

Mary Guilfoyle

Becoming Catholic (RCIA)

Becoming Catholic provides an opportunity for adults who are interested in becoming a full member of the Catholic Church. This includes those who are not baptized, those baptized in another faith, and Catholics seeking to receive the sacraments of Eucharist or Confirmation. It is also open to those adults who are seeking a faith renewal.

Robert Smentowski


Do you long for greater freedom? Are there things in your life that you feel are holding you back from being the person you want to be? Are there people you have had a hard time forgiving? Do you see God as a distant judge or a loving Father?

This ministry helps people with all of these issues and so much more. It guides a person to surrender more fully to Jesus, rejecting all that runs counter to the truth as revealed by Him.

Carol Brewis

Evangelization Committee

“What’s Your Story?” is a workshop to help people develop their personal story of conversion and be able to tell it to others, which is the most basic form of evangelization. We also partner with St. Paul Street Evangelization to offer “Basic Evangelization Training,” which covers many aspects of evangelization practices.

Karl Sponsler

Families Ministry

Families Ministry provides offerings geared toward encouraging a life-changing encounter with Christ for you and your family. Our events are specifically designed for children from newborn to school aged, their siblings and their caregivers. We understand the importance of families having fun together and growing in Christ together.  Our goal is to help you along in this journey.

Suzanne Moser

Little Flowers Girls Club

Designed for girls ages five and up, Little Flowers Girls Club is based on learning Catholic virtues through saints, Scripture, and The Catechism. The Club brings faith alive and inspires girls to become authentic Catholic women.

Jeanne Deren

Men's Prayer Breakfast

Men’s Prayer Breakfast is a weekly gathering of roughly 200 men to discuss faith while looking at challenges faced on a daily basis. Through readings and small group discussion, men call on each other on to be intentional disciples of Jesus in their families and workplaces.

Steve Cooper

Natural Family Planning – Creighton Method

In a culture that is rapidly losing sight of the dignity of sex, Natural Family Planning is one of the most effective ways for a husband and wife to grow in intimacy and to better understand God’s extraordinary plan for marriage and sex. Participants learn various methods backed by medical science from qualified teachers along with support from other users.

The FertilityCare System is a method of holistic fertility awareness that can benefit women and couples from teens through the menopausal years.  This system can provide in-depth information on the most current, effective, and scientific natural system to achieve or avoid pregnancy.  Combined with medical care, it can also be used to identify and treat underlying causes of pain, PMS, postpartum depression, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, recurrent miscarriages, infertility, irregular cycles, and more.

Becky Jordano

The Real Presence Apostolate of Michigan

This Apostolate promotes The Eucharistic Miracles Exhibit throughout the state and spreads devotion to our Lord’s Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist. This ministry hosts the annual Corpus Christi conference at OLGC on the weekend of the feast day of Corpus Christi.

Sarah Zydeck

Parish Library

We are blessed to have at our church a library that provides materials in all formats for individuals to use to gain a greater understanding of their faith. The library is located in the Father Byrne Room and is available whenever the church is open.

Dolores Hayden

St. Paul Street Evangelization

This ministry is a response Jesus’ mandate to “Go!” and proclaim the Gospel to all nations. It offers training programs in “Basic Evangelization,” and “The Top Ten Ways to Be a Great Evangelist.”

Maisa Haddad

Women of Our Lady

This ministry offers women an avenue for increasing their faith through programs, activities and fellowship. It includes speakers, retreats, monthly lunches, charity projects, and excursions.

Sandy Salloum