Edge is our middle school program designed to meet the catechetical, educational, spiritual, emotional and social needs of youth. This creative and experiential approach engages youth to encounter Jesus, understand Catholic teaching, and form their Catholic identity.


We all remember that middle school was awkward and difficult. That hasn’t changed. Societal shifts, however, have made the middle school years more difficult than ever. The pressures and temptations that middle schoolers face are similar to those high school students faced nearly a decade ago.



Many of the values and beliefs that they held as children are now being questioned and challenged. These middle schoolers are trying to figure out who they are and what they believe. Edge is a place where our middle school youth can face those questions, within the context of Catholic teaching. It is a safe environment where our middle school youth can feel like they belong to the greater Church community. In Edge, young people have the opportunity to come together weekly, participate in off-site events like retreats and service projects, youth rallies, camps, and more.


Tim Flaherty

Middle School Youth Minister (EDGE)

(734) 453-0326, ext. 255

Edge Nights are 6:30-8 p.m. Mondays during the school year. Edge also offers retreats, socials, service, and summer camp.

Edge offers middle school youth occasions to put their faith into action through a variety of service projects.

We offer parents sessions on middle school psychology, personality/physical development as well as spirituality.