Our Parish, together with the whole Archdiocese of Detroit, is making a dynamic reversal of our focus from being inward and maintenance based to being outward and mission-oriented. This change occurs first in our hearts, through an encounter with Christ, then in our homes as we grow in our faith, and finally in our culture as we witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

OLGC has successfully used the Alpha Course for more than three years to provide an encounter with Christ and now introduces Discipleship Groups to help us grow as motivated and passionate disciples of Christ.

“We can only have faith in the Risen One if we have encountered him. We can only encounter him by following him. Only if both are true of us can we bear witness to him and carry his light to the world.”

-Pope Benedict XVI

First up

Food (40 minutes)

Gather and Fellowship involving food of some sort. It is up to the individual groups what type of food is served. A full meal, pot-luck, dessert or snack are all possibilities.

Followed by

A time of prayer (15 minutes)

The type of prayer is up to the group to decide. Suggestions include praise and worship, one of the hours of the office (like Vespers or Night Prayer) or another group prayer. Material is provided, such as lyrics and sources of music.

Then a

Teaching (20-40 minutes)

The teachings are designed to engage and inspire conversation. They can be given as a live talk or played as a video.

Followed by

Discussion (20-40 minutes)

Members are given the chance to share thoughts and ideas on the topic, discussing in their group. Discussion is guided by prepared questions from the curriculum. The session wraps up with five minutes of closing prayer and intentions.

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Are you ready to join a Discipleship Group? Learn more about our DG Leaders to find a group that fits your spiritual needs.


Discipleship Groups give you the boost you need in the middle week until Sunday Mass. We support and encourage each other to pray every day. We can tell each other about different issues, such as raising our kids in the faith, and we offer advice, praying on it until the next meeting to see God's involvement in our families.

Joe Jansen Participant in Discipleship Groups

Fr. John’s Five Foundational Talks

These are the five talks Fr. John Riccardo gave at the start of The Discipleship Groups program.

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Discussion Questions

Click on the link below to display the discussion questions for each talk.

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PRAYER CURRICULUM (Required immediately after Fr. John's Five Foundational Talks)

Oremus: A guide to Catholic Prayer

Media: DVD & Online | Duration: 8 weeks

Teaches the essentials of an effective and fruitful prayer life. You will discover how God speaks to you, even in the smallest encounters. Following the Tradition of the Catholic Church and the wisdom of the saints, you will learn how to express yourself to God in prayer and how to hear his voice.

Who should attend: Anyone who wants to start a prayer life or improve on an existing prayer life.


Meeting Christ in Prayer

Media: CD and Study Guide | Duration: 8 weeks

Meeting Christ in Prayer—a unique eight-week, guided-prayer experience for small groups—is modeled after the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. This prayer program teaches and reinforces specific prayer practices such as Lectio Divina, imaginative prayer, meditation, the Examen, and more. Through Meeting Christ in Prayer, prayer group participants will meet Christ in a new, prayerful way while developing a profound sense of purpose in their own lives.

Who should attend: No prior experience with prayer groups is needed, just a desire to renew one’s faith, enrich one’s prayer life, or become more aware of God’s presence in everyday life.



Week One

Week Two

Week Three



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