Parents …you are the single greatest influence on the spiritual and religious life of your children. Nothing else even comes close.  If you live the faith inside and outside of your home, your children have the greatest opportunity to do the same. In the spiritual and Religious development of children, parents are more important than anything else,  including peers and media (Notre Dame Study Panel: The National Study of Youth & Religion – Bartkus & Kenan, 2016).  We are committed to supporting parents and families in living their faith inside and outside of their homes.

Unleash the Gospel

“These words that I command you this day shall be upon your heart; and you shall teach them diligently to your children.” Deuteronomy 6: 6 – 7.  Archbishop Vigneron has identified families as “the heart” of our archdiocesan efforts to unleash the Gospel because the family is the “domestic church” and is the first and most important setting for evangelization. Family is the “vital cell” for transforming the world. It is our privilege to journey in faith with every family; let’s encounter Jesus Christ together!



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CONNECT is our new option for families! This program is for families with children in grades 1 – 5 who can: commit to “digging in” to teaching the faith at home; attend required monthly sessions for parents and children and on-site family retreats, desire clergy-lead lessons and small group discussions with other parents, and are seeking to ignite the faith of their family in a new way. Syllabus parent sign-off for home (required turn-in at end of year), books, curriculum guides, optional home visits, and limited child care (registration required) available.

After School Program

Children in grades 1-5 meet in classrooms. Curriculum is derived from two main sources — Ignatius Press “Faith and Life,” Disciples of Christ “Education in Virtue.” Covering Creed/Scripture, Sacraments, Christian Living and Prayer, lessons are developed to offer opportunities to ask questions, share faith, learn Catholic doctrine and know of the joy of being a disciple of Jesus.  Offerings include: classroom settings, grade level assemblies, Bible presentations, parent nights, Masses, Adoration and encounter-focused sessions.

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd - Level I (Pre K - K) & Level II (Grades 1, 2, & 3)

This program is a hands-on and Montessori-based approach to faith formation, seeking to: deepen the child’s existing relationship with God, encourage formation of a personal prayer life, enable a fuller participation in liturgical and sacramental life of the Church, and develop a deeper understanding of Catholic identity and tradition.

(Visit for the national website and more information)

Sacramental Preparation

Second grade children prepare to receive the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Communion. Children in sixth grade prepare to receive the sacrament of Confirmation.

Sacramental Readiness – An Every-Year Mission

Receiving a Sacrament for the first time is an incredible event that calls for an extra measure of prayer and preparation; the foundation for readiness is through yearly religious formation – each year counts. To fully support families, we will: SEND families an introductory letter on what to expect a year in advance of the sacrament; INVITE parents and child(ren) to recommit to doing what it takes to live the faith excellently during sacramental years… and every other year too; REQUIRE attendance at all our amazing opportunities to be formed in faith; and CHECK-IN with families mid-year during First Communion Prep and end-of-year for the Confirmation student interview.

Archbishop Vigneron has called us to be a “band of joyful missionary disciples.” Reception of the sacraments gives us the graces needed to do just that! It’s our desire to support families in heeding this call…every year.

For more information on this and other programming, scroll up to see the links for the OLGC School and Religious Formation Parent Meeting video and its corresponding booklet.

Home School Program

Our Lady of Good Counsel offers Home School programming to those who are unable to attend our weekly religious formation classes, have a desire to teach their children at home, or have special circumstances. Our desire is to be a landing place for your family to find resources, encouragement, formation, and support. The goal is to assist parents as primary educators of their children at home. To that end, we offer Home Visits to provide connection, catechesis, and care. Whether you have questions with curriculum, need some ideas, or simply want to meet face-to-face, we’ll be there for you in a more personal way. In essence, we are listening to the call of Pope Francis to “Avanti” or “Go forth.” We look forward to meeting you where you are at and bearing witness to the Gospel of Christ.

Becoming Catholic for Children (RCIA for Children)

This program is available for families with children over the age of seven who are either seeking initiation into the Church or who have not received one or more of the following sacraments: Baptism, First Eucharist, and/or Confirmation. We strongly encourage at least one parent to attend every class so the journey toward sacramental reception is one of shared learning and experiences. Children in Grades 2-8 are in a “one room school house” classroom setting. Formation classes may also meet at church to enrich the lessons.

(734) 453-0326, ext. 234

Children's Liturgy of the Word

Offered October through Palm Sunday at 10 a.m. Mass only. No registration required.

Designed for first and second grade children, CLW is led by a catechist during a dismissal from Mass immediately following the Opening Greeting. Children participate in age-appropriate lessons based on the Sunday readings. CLW deepens understanding of the Word of God. Children return to their parents at the Offertory.


Pre-K - 5th Grade

Sandy O’Shaughnessy, DRE
(734) 453-0326, ext. 234

6th - 12th Grade

Lauryn Coules
(734) 453-0326, ext. 255


Ann Grobbel
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Admin. Asst.

Kate Shortal
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